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Acute Care SIG

  • 19 Jul 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom


Date and Time:  Wednesday,  July 19, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Chairperson(s): Natalie Sadon, OT and Colleen Craven, OT

Location:  Zoom - to be sent out day before the event

Title: Utilizing the Simulation Lab to Orient Physical and Occupational Therapy Practitioners to the Intensive Care Setting

Learning Objectives: 

1. Participants will have a basic understanding on how to develop a high-level fidelity simulation program to orient staff to the ICU in a safe, realistic, and controlled environment.

2. Participants will be able to understand the purpose and benefits of utilizing simulation in professional setting to orient staff to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  

3. Participants will understand how to develop an outcome measure to assess self-efficacy in clinician’s while orienting to the ICU.  

Erin Walecka has been a pediatric occupational therapist for 10 years since she graduated from Quinnipiac University. She has enjoyed working with children with medical complexities and developmental delays in both the acute care and school settings. Her primary interests are in the areas of acute care specifically the ICUs and NICU on the inpatient setting. She has a co-authored a journal article focusing on rehabilitation in pediatric heart failure and transplant. She has spent time developing and presenting on her development of the OT/PT ICU stimulation orientation training. She also has a love for dogs and hopeful to incorporate animal assisted therapy into her practice in the future.


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This event will be closed day before event.  Please register by JULY 18, 2023.


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