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    • 27 Apr 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Worcester State University

    Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy

     Special Interest Group (SIG)

    Spring Conference 2019


    Saturday, April 27th

    Worcester State University

    Registration begins 7:30 a.m.

    Sessions:  8:15 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. 

    Maximum 4 Contact Hours


    8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.


    Session IA:

    Occupational Therapy Collaboration

    with Applied Behavior Analysis 

    Presenter:  Morgan Henry, OTs, BA 

    Occupational Therapy Doctorate Student

    MGH Institute of Health Professions

    Occupational therapy practitioners can join forces with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals to address behavioral challenges and provide a variety of skills to mutual clients. Effective collaboration and teamwork can increase access to interventions with occupational therapy practitioners serving in an advisory or consult role. This session will outline how to promote and implement successful interprofessional collaboration among occupational therapy practitioners and ABA service providers to deliver continuous and well-rounded interventions.  

    Learning Objectives:  At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1.     Identify strategies to collaborate effectively with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals to further promote achievement of occupational therapy related goals. 

    2.     Identify the benefits of collaboration with ABA service providers on the delivery of sensory strategies.

    3.     Utilize described strategies in conjunction with  case studies to promote occupational therapy goals with ABA service providers.

    Educational Level of Presentation: 



    Session IIA: 

    OT Role in Driving and CarFit   Presenter: Elizabeth Craig, OT, OTR, New

    England Rehabilitation Hospital  

    The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the CarFit program, the “We Need to Talk” Program, and resources for occupational therapy practitioners dealing with driving as a generalist.  CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them.  The CarFit program also provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance their safety as drivers and/or increase their mobility in the community.  CarFit Technician Training is the first part of becoming a Certified CarFit Technician.  You must participate in a CarFit event to become fully certified.  Today’s presentation is a two-part session and will require attendance at an additional CarFit event to be scheduled later in the Spring. 

    Learning Objectives:  At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1.     Understand the role of occupational therapy in CarFit.

    2.     Identify ways to implement CarFit in your area.

    3.     Understand the “We Need to Talk Program” and how to implement it in your setting.

    4.     Develop community resources

    related to driving and limitations for older adults. 

    5.     Understand Massachusetts statutes related to specific diagnoses and restrictions on driving. 

    Educational Level of Presentation:  Introductory 

    10:00-11:00 a.m.

    Keynote Presentation

    Hot Topics in Ethics 

    Presenter:  Deborah Yarett Slater, OT, MS, FAOTA, Practice Manager, Ethics, AOTA

    This interactive session will explore hot topics which present ethical challenges in current occupational therapy practice across diverse settings.  Principles in the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (2015), a decision-making framework for analyzing ethical dilemmas and ethics resources available through AOTA will be discussed and applied to case studies.

    Learning Objectives:  At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1.     Identify current factors that present ethical issues in practice and education.

    2.     Apply ethical principles and a decision-making framework to determine potential ethical resolutions.

    3.     Identify resources to support ethical occupational therapy practice.      

    Educational Level of Presentation:  Introductory 


    11:30 – 1:00

    Session IB:

    AOTA Updates on OT’s role in Post-Secondary Transition   

    Presenter: Tee Stock, OT, OTD, MBA, Pediatric OT Services; Karen E. Majeski, OTD, OTR/L, Quinnipiac University and Cheshire Pubic Schools

    Many Post-Secondary Transition Planning (PSTP) teams do not include Occupational Therapy Practitioners (OTPs), even though they are distinctly prepared to assist in post-secondary transitioning planning. The AOTA supports this expansion of practice and has been increasing resources for this growing area. This presentation hopes to provide a place for discussion and sharing of roles, resources, and methods to help OTPs improve their knowledge and leave with ideas that they can put to immediate use to increase their visibility in this growing area of OT practice.  We will present a draft uniform PowerPoint Presentation developed by the AOTA Transition Community of Practice (CoP) that will be shared with all state OT Associations throughout the country. The content includes declarations and resources to advocate for our services in the area of PSTP.

    Learning Objectives:  At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1.    During this session attendees will identify opportunities and strategies to promote Occupational Therapy Practitioners involvement in Post-Secondary Transition Planning.

    2: During this session, attendees will learn from one another about Post-Secondary Transition Planning, occupational therapy roles, resources, and methods, and about successes and barriers to OT involvement. 

    3: During this session, attendees will be able to preview the AOTA PowerPoint Presentation on OT’s role in PSTP and provide feedback to members of the Community of Practice.

    Educational Level of Presentation:  


    Session IIB:

    OT Role in Driving and CarFit   

    Presenter: Elizabeth Craig, OT, OTR, New

    England Rehabilitation Hospital  

    Continuation of morning session.  Today’s presentation is a two-part session and will require attendance at an additional CarFit event to be scheduled later in the Spring.

    Session IIIB:

    Using the OT domains of practice to change culture in a prison mental health facility    

    Presenter: Jane GR Musgrave, OT, MS, OTR, Founder of Just Good Sense  

    The presentation will review an occupational therapy consultation model for expanding occupational therapy programing within an existing a mental health corrections facility that previously offered very limited occupational therapy.  The outcome has been the establishment of occupational therapy as a valued, requested, and respected part of the treatment team as well as occupational therapy now being a recommended service in a national mental health company specializes in corrections that had not hired occupational therapy practitioners before.

    Learning Objectives:  At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1.     Name 3 ways to educate non-occupational therapy professionals as to the value and role of including or expanding occupational therapy at their facility

    2.     Identify 2 ways to implement a consultation model of occupational therapy that leads to occupational therapy leadership and culture change, in a forensic /prison mental health facility.

    Educational Level of Presentation:  


    • 01 May 2019
    • 03 May 2019

    Get the technical, business management and customer service skills essential to competing in the fastest-growing segment of the residential remodeling industry: home modifications for the aging-in-place market. Earn NAHB's Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation and become the expert in your market.

    3-day series of courses will feature all of the required classes for the CAPS designation and includes lunch:

    ·         Marketing & Communication Strategies for Aging & Accessibility (CAPS I)

    ·         Design/Build Solutions for Aging & Accessibility (CAPS II)

    ·         Details & Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging In Place (CAPS III)

      Sign up for all three courses and SAVE!

    May 1, 2019 - Marketing & Communication Strategies for Aging & Accessibility - CAPS I

    BRAGB members: $275, Non-Members: $350   Sign up for all three courses and save!

    Millions of Americans are living longer and more active lives. And with their changing lifestyles, maturing Americans are also looking to revitalize their home environments. Identifying these opportunities and developing the skills to interact with 50+ customers can help you grow your business dramatically. Learn best practices in communicating and interacting with this exciting and evolving population, and take advantage of one of the fastest growing market segments in remodeling and related industries.

    As a graduate of this course, you will be able to:

    ·         Explain the three segments within the Aging in Place market that present business                opportunities for building professionals

    ·         Implement a process for promoting new opportunities for products and services in the          Aging in Place market

    ·         Enhance your sales process with effective techniques for the Aging in Place market


    May 2, 2019 - Design/Build Solutions for Aging & Accessibility - CAPS II

    BRAGB members: $275, Non-Members: $350   Sign up for all three courses and save!

    The maturing of the U.S. Baby Boomer population is a huge opportunity for remodelers. As this consumer group expands, more and more are interested in remodeling their home to fit their new lifestyle and abilities. This Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) course will help you understand the guidelines and requirements of accessibility, the importance of doing an assessment with input from occupational and physical therapists as well as qualified health care professionals, and the significance of good design in making modifications that can transform a house into a safe, attractive, and comfortable home for life.

    As a graduate of this course, you'll be able to:

    ·   Describe the home ownership market as it relates to the three segments of the Aging in        Place market

    ·    Consider contractual and legal concerns for building professionals providing design               solutions to the Aging in Place client

    ·    Perform a needs assessment to identify and prioritize the needs, wants and wishes of           the Aging in Place client

    ·    Recommend specific design solutions for the Aging in Place client

    ·    Estimate and schedule the Aging in Place project while regarding special considerations       Identify considerations for executing the job while the client is in residence

    May 3, 2019 - Details & Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging In Place - CAPS III

    BRAGB members: $275, Non-Members: $350   Sign up for all three courses and save!

    This course builds on the CAPS I and CAPS II courses (which are prerequisites for this course) by introducing design solutions and techniques for professionals whose clients require specialized design and equipment to live and thrive comfortably in their homes. Whole house product specification and installation techniques will be covered accompanied by practical, hands-on activities.

    ·  By completing this course, participants will be able to: Describe the challenging nature of     design for aging in place projects.

    ·     Identify available innovative and specialized products.

    ·    Explain best practices for design and installation of key components in AIP home design.

    ·     Describe the importance of budget and early product selection

    ·     Identify common missteps for design and installation of AIP solutions.

    ·     Recommend the best solutions for common single-room modifications based on needs         identified in a provided client assessment and a room survey. 

    ·     List installation considerations for recommended modifications in a specified space.

    ·     Prioritize the comprehensive solutions based on previous exercises when integrated             into a real-world whole house scenario. 

    ·     Evaluate design considerations and installation requirements for recommended                   modifications based on whole house layout and circulation pattern. 

    ·     Prioritize individual projects relative to budget, needs and urgency.

    This course qualifies for: 6 CE for AIBD 6 AOTA CEUs 6 AIA/CES HSW Learning Units 6 NAHB CE for: CGA, CGB, CGR, GMB, CSP, Master CSP, CMP, MIRM

    These CAPS Certification Courses will be taught by:

    Jane Marie O'Connor, MIRM, CAASH, CAPS, CSP, CMP
    CPDF Analyst, CPB Analyst
    NAHB Approved Instructor
    National Trustee, NAHB 55+ Housing Industry Council
    Chairperson, MA 55+ Housing Industry Council

    55 Plus, LLC
    4 Plainfield Road, Hawley, MA  01339
    Office:  413.339.5552

    For more information and registration click here

    • 04 May 2019
    • 05 May 2019
    • Lexington, MA (Cotting School)

    The Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute

    is excited to announce its 2-day workshop:

    Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® for Self-Regulation & Trauma Healing

    Sat/Sun May 4 & 5, 2019

    Lexington, MA (Cotting School)

    This workshop is especially designed for O.T.s, other allied and licensed mental health professionals, yoga therapists and yoga instructors who would like to learn how to incorporate Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® into their clinical practices to facilitate healing from combat stress, PTSD, or other unresolved trauma or anxiety disorders.   The course will be presented by Lynn Stoller, M.S., OTR/L, C-IAYT, RYT 500, E-RYT 200 with SEYI faculty member Megan Hennessey, M.Ed., RYT, and will present the science/evidence base, theoretical model, guidelines for practice as well as the specific yoga forms, movements, breathing, and meditation techniques to implement the program. Participants will be taught both mat and chair versions of the program, as well as strategies for teaching the program to groups of individuals with mixed mobility levels. The workshop is highly experiential and includes a 133-page, detailed manual.  The course qualifies for 14 NBCOT PDUs/14 Contact Hours and 16 Contact Hours from Yoga Alliance; other professions are pending- please inquire. Yoga experience is helpful but not required.  

    The workshop is hosted by the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute, which you can learn about here: and on Facebook, here: .  

    The direct link to the Workshop Registration Page is here:

    Add your name to our Book Launch list here: 

    *** Please feel free to post the attached flyer at your work place, on social media, and/or mail it to people you think may be interested.  Whatever you can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated!!***

    Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Flyer-MA-MAY 2019 (1).pdf


    Lynn Stoller, M.S., OTR/L, C-IAYT, RYT 500, E-RYT 200

    Lynn is the founding President of the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute.  She has a special interest in trauma-related sensory processing disorders and yoga as a treatment modality.  Lynn has trained yoga instructors and health professionals in sensory-based yoga techniques for combat stress and PTSD since 2008. Lynn is associate investigator and co-author of the Iraq yoga study, “Effects of Sensory-Enhanced Yoga on Symptoms of Combat Stress in Deployed Military Personnel” (Stoller, Greuel, Cimini, Fowler, and Koomar, Jan/Feb 2012 AJOT).  Her program evolved from the highly successful treatment protocol used in the study, which Lynn co-developed. Lynn was an influential faculty member of two pioneering veteran/military yoga organizations, Yoga Warriors (2008-2011) and Warriors at Ease (2011-2016). Lynn is also an occupational therapist at Cotting School in Lexington, MA, where she first discovered the healing power of yoga for adolescents and young adults who have anxiety, ADHD, sensory modulation disorders, and related ANS disorders.  Lynn is a 300-hr. and 800-hr. graduate of the Integrative Yoga Therapy program, a Level 2 iRest® practitioner, and is also an IAYT-certified yoga therapist and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). She has been teaching therapeutic yoga classes for veterans in her local community for several years. 

    Megan Hennessey, M.Ed., RYT

    Megan has completed several yoga and meditation workshops (including Jon Kabat Zinn’s 8-week course on Mindfulness-based Stressed Reduction) as well as a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Thailand. Megan is in her 4th year teaching a classroom of high school students who have special needs (and high anxiety) at Cotting School. She quickly gained a reputation for her talent of structuring her classroom for promoting effective learning through sensory-based, mindfulness strategies and meditation practices, and has inspired other teachers to follow her lead.   She has presented talks and written articles on the topic and is co-developing the Sensory and Mindfulness-based Yoga for Learning Environments™ (S.M.Y.L.E.) program for SEYI (see website).  Megan will serve as the lab assistant for this workshop.



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