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    • 08 Sep 2018
    • 09 Sep 2018

    # 114 Donatelli's Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder with Lab
    Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT
    Framingham, MA (Metro West Medical Ctr) September 8-9, 2018


    • 15 Sep 2018
    • 16 Sep 2018
    • Manchester, NH

    Right Hand Therapy

     See full brochure here: RHT 2018 Course Offerings Brochure.pdf

    “Current Evidence for Rehabilitation of the Repaired Tendon”

    June 9th

    Cost: $285

    CEUs: 8
    Instructor: April O’Connell, OT/L, CHT

    Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced level practitioners (OTs, COTAs, PTs, PTAs, and CHTs)

    This course is geared toward the intermediate to advanced level practitioner and will provide exceptional hands-on learning about flexor and extensor tendon rehabilitation.  During the morning session the course will cover extensor tendon rehabilitation, and in the afternoon session flexor tendon repairs including “Proof-of-Concept” will be discussed.  Both sessions include orthotic fabrication labs.  Understanding the various approaches to tendon repair rehabilitation is complex and challenging – this course aims to present the latest and greatest evidence, including clinical pearls for digital nerve involvement, scar management, and cortical re-patterning.  Learners will confidently splint and rehabilitate the most challenging of tendon repairs with knowledge of the latest trends in research.  This is a course you will not want to miss!!

      “Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) for Occupational Therapists: Preparation for Certification”

    June 9 & 10 and September 15 & 16

    Cost: $475 Prep for Certification

    $325 2-day Live Workshop only ($375 if book included)

    CEUs: 16-24 (24 hours includes web component, 16 hours is

    2-day Live Workshop only)
    Willow Henry, PT, DPT, CWS, CLT
    Target Audience: OTs, COTAs,  refresher for PTs, PTAs, CHTs

    Physical agent modalities (PAMs) can be a valuable adjunct treatment to enhance outcomes of patients receiving therapy services.  This course is geared toward OTs and aims to educate the therapist in how to incorporate safe and effective application of PAMs into their current clinical practice.  The course consists of a web-based component, and a 2-day live workshop for lab demonstration and practice opportunities.  This course follows NH state guidelines for PAMs certification including the required 15 hrs in electrical stimulation education, and 6 hours in ultrasound education (Note: participants will still have to complete supervision requirements following the course to apply for certification)

    "Simply, the Wrist"

    October 20th

    Framingham, MA

    Cost: $240

    CEUs: 8
    Instructor: Lisa Owen,

    Target Audience:  intermediate level practitioners (OTs, PTs, and CHTs)

     This course will provide the participant with exceptional hands-on learning about the carpal joints, pathology, evaluation, and emerging concepts in conservative wrist rehabilitation interventions. Understanding the wrist is complex – this presentation aims to simplify the learning process with the use of anatomical models and hands on practice opportunities. It is important for the therapist to fully understand this joint’s complex biomechanics and sensorimotor system that impacts alignment and function. Once this foundation has been established, participants will learn how to perform a basic clinical evaluation, and then learn how to create and execute an appropriate plan of care utilizing various fun, functional, and evidenced-based treatment interventions.  There will be a hands-on splint fabrication demo/lab and participants will also receive a FREE carpal puzzle model as part of this course!\

    “Hand Therapy for the Non-Hand Therapist”

    November 3rd

    Manchester, NH

    Cost: $225

    CEUs: 8

    Instructor: Danielle Amero, OTR/L, CHT

    Target Audience: OTs, COTAs, PTs, PTAs and new grads

    This one day course is designed to help therapists practicing in any setting improve their
    knowledge of hands and upper extremity care. This course will provide the participant with hands-on learning about the upper quarter including anatomy, pathology, evaluation, and emerging concepts in treatment. This presentation aims to simplify the learning process with the use of anatomical models and hands-on practice opportunities, including a manual therapy lab. Participants will have an opportunity to master clinical evaluation skills, brush up on special testing, and then learn how to create and execute an appropriate plan of
    care utilizing current, evidenced-based treatment interventions. Whether you are a new grad, home health, acute care, mental health, or outpatient therapist, you won’t want to miss this course!

    • 28 Sep 2018
    • 29 Sep 2018
    • Weymouth, MA

    Practical Strategies for Treating Complex Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Treating the Whole Child

    September 28-29, 2018

    Weymouth, MA

    Course Description: Clinicians in this dynamic two day course will be taught the necessary components of a comprehensive evaluation of feeding problems. This includes those encountered by children with oral motor dysfunction, oral motor inexperience, oral hypersensitivity, behavioral rigidity and anxiety as seen in children with cardiac issues, prematurity, ASD, syndromes and SPD.

    Course Instructor: Mary Tarbell-Bickley, M.ED, CCC-SLP

    Practical Strategies for Treating Complex Pediatric Feeding Disorders Brochure   

    Register for the September 28-29, 2018 Practical Strategies for Treating Complex Feeding Disorders

    Contact: Education Resources, Inc. 508-359-6533 or 800-487-6530 (outside MA) or

    • 04 Oct 2018
    • 07 Oct 2018
    • Boston, MA

    In VM1 you will study the models and theories of functional biomechanics as viewed from Barral's innovative approach.

    Course Highlights:

    • Learn manual skills to locate, evaluate and normalize primary areas of dysfunction within the abdominal cavity. 
    • Explore the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes and ligaments. 
    • Examine the relationship of organs and structural or neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. 
    • Assess the quality of functional activity and somatic structures as they relate to an overall pattern. 

    Save up to $200 with early registration.

    Contact:  866-522-7725 or

    • 06 Oct 2018
    • 07 Oct 2018

    John F. Barnes’ Pediatric Myofascial Release

    Springfield, MA

    October 6 & 7, 2018

    This introductory hands-on workshop is designed for therapists whose primary focus is on the pediatric population. Myofascial Release will be presented for the evaluation and treatment of head injuries, cerebral palsy, birth trauma, scoliosis, movement dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, trauma, pain, and headaches

    Hilton Garden Inn

    To register call 800-327-2425 or online at

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